Volume 2 Issue 6 (November-December 2019)

01 The roles and approaches of education to sustainable development   Full Text PDF
Haishang Wu

02 Cultural Determination of Child Abuses in Urban Nigeria: A Sociological Perspective   Full Text PDF
Emmanuel Chukwuebuka Orakwe

03 Corporate Governance Practices and Organizational Effectiveness   Full Text PDF
Obamiro, J. K. (PhD) || Tijani, A. A. (PhD) || Ojo, Christopher Olubunmi

04 Interests of Britain, France and Germany in the Syrian Conflict   Full Text PDF
Hanjing YUE || Ying ZHU

05 Religious Experience and Character Building: Philosophical Study of The Spiritual Dynamics of Umar Bin Khattab(583-644 AD)   Full Text PDF
Abdul Rokhmat Sairah || Prof. M. Mukhtasar Syamsuddin || Dr. Arqom Kuswanjono

06 Hierarchy and Oppression in Medical School: Perception of Initial Grade Academics and its Repercussion on Professional Identity Formation   Full Text PDF
Joana Laura Aihara Barbosa || Júlio César André || Emerson Roberto dos Santos ||
Loiane Letícia dos Santos || Randolfo dos Santos Jr. || Sérgio Luíz Aparecido Brienze || Alba Regina de Abreu Lima

07 Historical Assessment of Nigeria as Food-Importing Nation and the Multiplier Effects of the Ban on Rice Importation by Buhari’s Administration   Full Text PDF
Olayinka Aliu. Ph.D.

08 To Study the Tourist Experience after visiting the World Heritage Sites of Delhi   Full Text PDF
Monisha Juneja || Dr. Malini Singh || Dr. Mahesh Chandra Uniyal

09 The Study on Relationship among Self-esteem,Social Anxiety and Mobile Phone Addiction   Full Text PDF
Fu Guifang || Li Wenqian || Ding Hengyan

10 Tutor Performance in Distance Education in the Islands (Case Study: Open University, Indonesia)   Full Text PDF
Anfas || Mohbir Umasugi || Muhlis Hafel || Lisda Ariani Simabur

11 The Impact of Teaching Competency of Catechist toward the Spiritual Life of the Grade IX and X Students of Cabittaogan National High School, Philippines   Full Text PDF
Sr. EmelitaSuba-an Dumas, OSB: || TheogeniaMagallanes, Ed.D:

12 Women and the challenges of Cassava Farming and Garri Processing in Sagbama, Bayelsa State   Full Text PDF
Olayinka Aliu, Ph.D.