Volume 5 Issue 1 (January 2022)

01 Integrated Structure in the Defense Industry Sector   Full Text PDF
Hanri Jan Piter || Yudi Sutrasna || Guntur Eko Saputro

02 Startup Realization in the Products of Batik Courses, Textile Engineering, Textile Design, and Textile Crafts through Dudi in PKK Department, Faculty of Engineering, state University of Semarang   Full Text PDF
Muh Fakhrihun Na’am || Etty Soesilowati || Eka Yuli Astuti || Muh Ibnan Syarif || Atika || Yuli Astuti

03 The Role of Reserve Components in Supporting Indonesia's Defense Forces to Face Non-Military Threats   Full Text PDF
Vincentius A.M.Kusuma || Zainal A.Sahabuddin || Posma S.J.K. Hutasoit || Muhtar Rifai

04 The Role of National Defense Resources as the Competitive Power of the Indonesian Nation in Facing Globalization   Full Text PDF
Mulyani || Guntur Eko Saputro || George Royke Deksino

05 Development of the Paulinian Flexible Learning Model for instructional delivery in the time of COVID-19: A Design Thinking Approach   Full Text PDF
Brian Saludes Bantugan || Ma. Encarnacion Dychangco || Joanne Popanes

06 Implementation of Bojonegoro Regent Regulation Number 38 of 2020 in the Implementation of Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols as an Effort to Control Covid-19   Full Text PDF

07 Analysis of Improvement of the Agrarise Sector For the Tourism Village Industry Using Causal Loop Diagram (CLD)   Full Text PDF
Popy Rilvia || Ivan Yulivan || Yusnaldi

08 Analysis of The Different Role of State-Owned Enterprises (Bumn) and Private-Owned Enterprises (Bums) in the Indonesian Defense Industry Sector   Full Text PDF
Muhammad Rizki Arhan || Djoko Andreas Navalino || Yusuf Ali

09 Development of Intangible Economic Defense in Indonesia   Full Text PDF
Tiur Wulan N.P. || Posma Sariguna J.K. || Yusnaldi

10 Indonesia's Role in the Defense Sector Globalization Process   Full Text PDF
Era Nuansa Mediana || Sri Sundari || Haetami

11 The Role of Molecular Biology for National Defense related to Bioterrorism and Biological Warfare Threat   Full Text PDF
Rifa Mutiara Bako || Much. Mualim || Susanto || Aris Sarjito || HikmatZakky Almubaroq

12 Implementation of Good Governance in Defense Economy Perspective   Full Text PDF
Ansar Tutu || Zainal Abidin Sahabuddin || Anton Imam Santosa

13 Home, Place and Displacement in FatouDiome’s The Belly of the Atlantic (2006)   Full Text PDF
Saliou DIONE || Bakaye TOGOLA

14 Educational Leadership Competencies: Efforts to Create a School Culture of Character   Full Text PDF
Shindy Lestari || Tri Ulfa || Farah Alfian Ghofar Rahmat || Khasbi Ainun Najib

15 An Analysis of Expressives Speech Act in ‘Enola Holmes’ Film   Full Text PDF
Ruth Mora Adelia || Ichwan Suyudi

16 The Analysis of Women’s Speech in A Movie   Full Text PDF
I Gusti Ayu Agung Dian Susanthi

17 Developing Teaching Media Using Anime as English Grammar Teaching Material   Full Text PDF
Nur Annisa || Indawan Syahri || Rini Susanti

18 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria: An Appraisal of Oritamefa Baptist Model Schools, Ibadan   Full Text PDF
Emmanuel Adelekan Ojewunmi

19 Responding to the Learning Needs of the Chinese Students Enrolled In the College of Music and the Performing Arts of St. Paul University Manila   Full Text PDF
Brian Saludes Bantugan

20 Three Box Solutionin New Normal Hospitality Sector: A Conceptual Framework   Full Text PDF
Aprilia Pratiwi

21 5 + 1 Keystone Behavioral as a Business Innovation Strategy Approach   Full Text PDF
Andrew Kesuma Roberth Junior

22 Self-Esteem and Its Consequences of Internally Displaced Victims of Sexual Violence: From the Perspective of Iraqi Yazidi Females   Full Text PDF
Ferdinand M. Joseph
  Sri Lanka

23 Building A Creative Economy Educational Tourism of Kampung Coklat in Blitar Regency in Facing Non Military Threats   Full Text PDF
Muhtar Rifai || Kasih Prihantoro || Panji Suwarno

24 The Role of Strategic Industries in Improving the National Economy to Support National Defense   Full Text PDF
Asti Siswanti || Sri Sundari || Ariffudin Uksan

25 Impact of New and Emerging Crimes in Nunukan District in Defense and State Security Perspective   Full Text PDF
Mursit || Hikmat Zakky Almubaroq

26 The Effect of Financial Risk, Capital Structure, Banking Liquidity on Profitability: Operational Efficiency as Intervening Variables in Persero Bank and Private Commercial Banks   Full Text PDF
Hasmiana || Madris || Shine Pintor

27 Strategies To Overcome Corporate Institutions Overcrowded   Full Text PDF
Jatmiko Nurbowo || Bambang Joyo Supeno

28 Indonesia’s Readiness to Reduce Carbon Levels in the Maritime Area during the Covid-19 Pandemic   Full Text PDF
Mohammad Alfin Widyanto || Panji Suwarno || Bayu Asih Yulianto

29 Constructive Indonesia's Conflict Resolution on Rohingnya Refugees in Accordance With Myanmar's Case   Full Text PDF
Kintan Farhayanti Dewi || I Gede Sumertha || Eri Radityawara Hidayat

30 Geospatial Intelligence for Sea Fighting   Full Text PDF
Arifin Hutomo || Rudy A G Gultom || Susilo Adi Purwantoro

31 Implementation of the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 of 2016 concerning the Smart Indonesia Program   Full Text PDF
Heny Suhindarno

32 The Focus of Teaching Innovation in Comparative Ideological and Political Education Classes in the New Era   Full Text PDF
Yong cao