Volume 5 Issue 9 (September 2022)

01 The Effect of Formation on Priestly Ministry amidst Contemporary Challenges in the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay, Kenya   Full Text PDF
James Kumba Nyabera || Dr. Aloys Otieno Ojore || Prof. Laurent Magesa

02 The Relationship Between Parental Attachment and Suicidal Ideation among Junior High School Students: The Mediating Role of Negative Emotion and the Moderating Role of Gender   Full Text PDF
Yuntian Xie || Donghui Wen || Guowen Liu || Qian Lei || Jing Liu

03 The Effect of Parental Rearing Patterns on Sexual Mental Health among Medical College Students   Full Text PDF
Hou Yongmei || Chen Yuchan

04 Experiences of First-Time Teachers for Senior High School: Implications to Faculty Development   Full Text PDF
Brian Saludes Bantugan || Clive Alvyn Ocon

05 Major Trends in Ecolinguistic Research: A Bibliometric Analysis   Full Text PDF
Nur Afnita Asfar

06 Evolution of Forensic Linguistics Publication: From a Europe and North America Continent (1980 – 2021)   Full Text PDF
Mirsa Umiyati

07 Peace Education in Strengthening Pancasila Ideological Resilience for Generation Z in the Era of Pandemic and Social Media   Full Text PDF
Ganes Harpendya || Siswo Hadi Sumantri || Bambang Wahyudi

08 Distorted Livelihood in Indonesian Jepara Traditional Furniture Industry Woodcraft: Aspiring Sustainable Industry Upgrade with the Implications   Full Text PDF
Danu Patria || Fentiny Nugroho || Bambang Shergi Laksmono

09 The Peaceful Culture of the Indigenous People of the Baduy Tribe Indonesia in Maintaining Peace   Full Text PDF
Mohamad Fahmi || Syamsunasir || Achmed Sukendro

10 Analysis of Incidences of Corruption in the Nigerian Power Sector: Implications on Sustainable Development   Full Text PDF
EDET Anthony Emmanuel || OGAH Godfrey Oche || SOLOMON Timothy Anjide

11 The Government Policy on Establishment of Modern Market in Bandar Lampung City   Full Text PDF
Ayu Nadia Pramazuly || Yuli Evadianti

12 Circulation of Hard Drugs by A Pharmacy Without an Official Prescription of a Doctor Review Based on A Study of Health Law   Full Text PDF
Suroto || Ika Sukma Nur Indra Wibawa

13 Application of Restorative Justice Against the Criminal Act of Employment at Semarang Polrestabes   Full Text PDF
Krismiyarsi || Krishna Ilham Shidiqi

14 Legal Protection Of Health Personnel While Performing Tasks Due To Covid 19 Pandemic At Sultan Fatah Hospital Demak   Full Text PDF
Anggraeni Endah Kusumaningrum || Rudy

15 Tradition and AVANT-GARDE in the Cultural Proposal of Socialist Realism   Full Text PDF
Madonna González Yera

16 Social Safety Nets in African Low-Income Countries: Unfoldment in Benin   Full Text PDF
Haman Adama Mohamadou

17 Implementation of Democracy in Tertiary Level: A Case Study of A Private University   Full Text PDF
Taiyeba Marzuka Shamma